Coronado Restaurant Spotlight: Crown Bistro

Crown City Inn & Bistro is more than a hotel: the connected Crown Bistro makes for a delicious addition to your stay. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and with an expansive menu, you can be sure everyone will fall in love with this Coronado restaurant’s food.

The man behind the menu

Executive Chef and Owner Jerry Tovar has over thirty years of experience in the food and beverage industry. His two favorite cuisines are French and American, and his passion for creating gourmet meals shines through in every dish he prepares. Tovar’s goal is to use the freshest ingredients available to create a distinctive cuisine that will make you return with each visit to Coronado.

Why it’s a must-do

Crown Bistro has received acclaim in several magazines, such as the San Diego Union Tribune and the City of Coronado. It has been recognized as Coronado’s “Best Kept Secret Restaurant” and won multiple “People’s Choice Awards.” When it comes to Coronado restaurants, Crown Bistro has established itself as an experience you don’t want to miss.

The atmosphere

The Crown Bistro offers indoor and outdoor seating and an outdoor dog-friendly patio. The courtyard features hand-painted murals and tiles, fountains, and flower gardens. Here, you can expect to enjoy the views as much as the food.

Next time you’re in Coronado, check out the Crown Bistro and enjoy a dining experience like no other. Staying at Crown City Inn? Fortunately the Bistro is conveniently connected to the hotel. Crown Bistro is a Coronado restaurant not-so-hidden gem, and perfect for any meal!

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