Best Beach Activities for Kids and Adults

The beach is one of the best places to spend the summer! For kids and adults alike, the beach is a symbol of fun and relaxation. So we’ve compiled 10 of the best beach activities for kids and adults to ensure you have a great time on the shore this summer!

1. Read a book

The beach is the perfect place to catch up on some reading! By the peaceful water, with the breeze blowing gently, there’s no better place to dive into a book! Bring a paperback with you to the beach and settle in for adventure.

2. Take a nap

Looking for a little more relaxation? Get some shuteye! Let the sound of the waves lull you into a peaceful rest and catch up on sleep. Sometimes it’s all about the simpler things in life, and a nap on the beach is definitely one of those things.

3. Get in the water!

You’re at the beach–you might as well enjoy the water while you’re there! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the waves, such as going kayaking, surfing, or just swimming. This is especially relaxing on those hot summer days when the water feels extra refreshing!

4. Listen to music/an audiobook/a podcast

One of the best beach activities is to take in the views around you. Pop in some earbuds and enjoy people watching while listening to some tunes! If music isn’t your thing, you can also listen to an audiobook or a podcast while you look out over the horizon and watch the waves.

5. Build a sandman

You’ve heard of snowmen, but now try building sandmen! Just take some water and sand and start creating! You can decorate it with seaweed, sticks, and shells. This warm-weather alternative to a classic winter activity is sure to bring some fun to your beach day.

6. Create a sandcastle

One of the most famous beach activities is sandcastle building. Take your buckets and mold castles in the sand. If you want to add a level of competition to it, have a sandcastle contest between your friends and family!

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At Coronado Beach, you can also see some professionally created sandcastles. The level of detail in these castles will definitely impress you!

7. Draw in the sand

Keep the competition going with a drawing contest! Simply flatten out an area of sand (some water can help with this) and take a stick (or even just use your hands) to draw in the sand. You can also play games like Pictionary, tic tac toe, and hang man! This is one of the best beach activities, because aside from being fun, it also encourages creativity.

8. Fly a kite

“Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!” This iconic lyric from “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” in Disney’s Mary Poppins captures the joy of kite flying and chasing the wind. Bring a kite with you to the beach and take advantage of the wonderful ocean breeze to get your kite flying high up in the sky.

9. Search for buried treasure

Isn’t it every kid’s (and adult’s) dream–to be walking down the beach and suddenly find buried treasure? Bring a metal detector along to the beach with you and scan the sand for treasures. Who knows what you could find!

If you have small kids at the beach with you, you might want to bury some small coins around your beach area for the kids to “discover.”

10. Collect sea shells

This is a classic beach activity! Stroll along the beach and pick up the shells you find in the sand. And as a bonus, you can use these shells for other activities such as tic tac toe, your sandman, or as decorations for your drawings or sandcastles!

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