How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day in Coronado

Valentine’s Day is one for celebrating love and romance. In Coronado, you’ll be able to spend this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, and we have the perfect way for you to spend your day. Follow our guide to the perfect Valentine’s Day in Coronado and you’ll love all of the focus we put on love!

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Coronado Thanksgiving 2019 Activities

Halloween has come and gone, and now the focus is on the holiday season. If you’re looking to escape the cold weather and enjoy Coronado’s endless sunshine, or if you’re simply enjoying a restful vacation, celebrate Thanksgiving in Coronado! Coronado Thanksgiving 2019 is going to be a festive one, and the are plenty of nearby events to keep you busy–and full!

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Celebrate Halloween in Coronado with the Ghostbusters

This Halloween season, the Coronado Island Film Festival presents Ghostbusters! Celebrate Halloween in Coronado and see this movie at the local vintage theater! Go by yourself, with a friend, with a date, or bring the whole family along–with Ghostbusters back in theaters, everyone will enjoy the night. As always, the movie promises entertainment and laughs as you follow the characters through this zany adventure.

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The Winter’s Tale Coronado is Perfect End of Summer Entertainment

The Coronado Playhouse’s newest play is now open! Celebrate the end of summer and beginning of fall by going to see Shakespeare’s classic work, The Winter’s Tale. This is your first chance to see The Winter’s Tale Coronado, as the playhouse has never performed it before.

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