San Diego Whale Watching

Thar she blows! Did you know that the California coast is one of the best spots to watch whale and dolphin migration? In fact, over 1,100 whales have been seen this season! Read on to learn a little more about whales and dolphins and how to get involved in San Diego whale watching!

Whale and Dolphin Facts

Blue whales used to be considered rare off the coast, but within the past 10 years, they have been spotted more than ever. The largest animal on our planet can reach a length of 110 feet and weigh up to 150 tons! To put that into perspective, the blue whale’s tongue is as heavy as an elephant. Luckily for us, the blue whale eats krill and other seafood, like other whales with baleen. The finback whale is another whale you can see on your trip, and they also eat krill but are not as big, only growing up to 70 feet and 70 tons. However, this puts them as the second largest animal on the planet. Swimming through these whale pods are also dolphin pods, and they can reach up to 1,000 or more. These long trips are perfect for bonding, as some whale species and dolphins team up to hunt sometimes!

Ready for Whale Watching?

If you want to take part in San Diego Whale Watching, there are many opportunities in San Diego proper and the surrounding areas. Check out a couple of options here and here. These tours are so successful, some of them will refund your money or give you a free cruise if you don’t see one! And when you are in town, stay with us at Crown City Inn. We have made-to-order gift baskets that are the perfect way to start or end your San Diego whale watching expedition! 

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