Whale Watching Near Coronado

Moments are fleeting, constantly slipping from our grasp when we want to hold onto them the most. We strive to capture a mental image of our children playing in the sand. We want to remember our loved ones at peace by the vast ocean waters. But what truly resonates, what sticks with the entire family, is an unforgettable experience. One such example is whale watching.

Whales are majestic creatures, they remind us of the wonder below the clear blue waters. There’s a thrill that comes in witnessing their enormity, in seeing them breach the surface from a close distance. To get the most of out of your experience, consider heading out between December and March.

Adventure Rib Rides

Not exclusive to whales, Adventure Rib Rides promises magnificence year-round. While they are the main attraction you can expect to be “greeted by pods of graceful and friendly dolphins!” Guests have the opportunity to embark on a public or private tour.

San Diego Whale Watch

As the first company to offer whale watching all year round, San Diego Whale Watch has created quite the reputation for themselves. Their on-site marine biologists are teeming with fun and interesting facts, and if the whales appear shy and anti-social, you’ll receive a free pass to enjoy the cruise on a different date.

Whale Watching at H&M Landing

“Like no other wild life observation experience in Southern California,” this particular tour offers three hours of educational and jaw dropping excitement. You’ll visit Marine Sanctuaries established along the seacoast complete with a diverse population inclusive of seals, sea lions, dolphins and porpoise.


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