The Hauntings of San Diego

California, with its sunny seashores and optimal weather patterns, has garnered a mirthful reputation. But when October rolls around, our appetite for the darker side of town increases. In fact, we’re feeling exceptionally edgy; care to join us as we explore the hauntings of San Diego?

The Davis-Horton House

Is the cool breeze a result of a more spirited presence? At the Davis-Horton House, the possibilities are eerily endless. As downtown San Diego’s oldest structure, this venue is recognized for its rather colorful past. Host to the founder of San Diego (Alonzo Horton) and an abundance of hospital patients from its days as a medical facility, there’s no shortage of spooky activity. If you’re not one for occult happenings, we advise you sit these hauntings out.

Berkley Steam Ferry Boat

Even those who have passed away enjoy California’s waters. Currently housing the San Diego Maritime Museum’s offices, library and special events, the Berkley Steam Ferry Boat has a laundry list of suspicious encounters. One ghostly visitor sporting a fedora hat is sure to have you on high alert of your surroundings.

The Whaley House

Death, suicide and mystery; this location promises to send chills down your spine. Dubbed America’s #1 Most Haunted House, it attracts thousands of tourists each year. Wandering its hallways, bedrooms and staircases is the lovely Violet Whaley herself, former resident. It seems she’s more than unwilling to leave her beloved home behind. But that’s not the only spirit eager to say hello. So, why not introduce yourself this October?

Ghosts and Gravestones

If all of these hot spots are at the top of your to do list, purchase tickets through Ghosts and Gravestones. They’ll take you on a “tour built on stories of history, mystery and legends of San Diego’s Past and Darker Sides!”

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