Take Advantage of the Time Change

Unless you’re a parent, Daylight Savings Time’s “fall back” is the blessed gift of one more hour of sleep. It’s the beauty of waking up, studying your clock, and realizing you’re allowed to sink deeper into the pillow. So, we suggest you savor it. Take full advantage of the magical, mystical time change – here’s how!

Beach It

You might think a trip to the beach is more beneficial when you’re working with extra hours of daylight but hear us out. When you book your stay at Crown City Inn, the beach is only a short stroll away. As you meander along the warm, white sand you can watch the sunset. You can indulge in the resplendence of Coronado’s unique surroundings, and still return home at a reasonable hour. In fact, you can take the kids!


Your body is wired to respond to an absence of light. As the evening closes in, you begin to relax and prepare for your night’s sleep. We suggest you go with it. Brew yourself a cup of tea, settle into the comforts of your room and read a book. Limit your screen time and you’ll further promote a stress-free environment.

Head to the Drive-In

Approximately 13 miles away from Crown City Inn, is San Diego’s South Bay Drive-In Theatre. The “fall back” presents visitors with the perfect setting for an outdoor movie. Since no one wants to celebrate this favored past time in broad daylight, the time change is making it possible. And, again, at an earlier hour!

Late Night Swim

Let’s face it, California gets chilly, but not freezing. So, while the weather hasn’t dropped too low, you ought to venture outdoors for a nighttime swim. Whether you plan to do laps or just sit back and stargaze, we promise it will help release the day’s tension and encourage you to enjoy the moment you’re in!

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