Biking Through Coronado Island

Coronado Island is a beautiful place, and one of the best ways to see the island is by biking through Coronado. Take advantage of Coronado’s many bike trails and rent a bike to explore Coronado during your next stay.

Biking around the island

If you want a bike ride that circles Coronado Island, take the 6-mile path around the island. This will take you around the perimeter of Coronado and underneath the San Diego Coronado Bridge. When you bike this path around Coronado, you’ll see incredible views of the Pacific Ocean as well as the San Diego Bay.

Biking through Coronado

For a shorter, 4-mile ride, you can cut through the island. Instead of circling Coronado, take a “shortcut” down Sixth Street for a shorter ride. Travel through the town and shop at some of the many shops and restaurants you’ll see along the way.

Silver Strand Bikeway

This trail is longer, but it’s still an easy ride. Clocking in at 9-miles, this bike path will take you along the stretch of land connecting Coronado to Imperial Beach. When you bike along Silver Strand, you’ll get beautiful views of the water and a wildlife refuge.

When you stay at Crown City Inn, enjoy complimentary bike rentals and start your journey around the island. With so many bike path options, you can take a leisurely ride through the island or a longer ride near the bay to see the San Diego skyline as well. Whichever path you choose, by biking through Coronado you’re guaranteed to see gorgeous views. After you finish your ride, relax and Crown City Inn and enjoy our amenities or walk the few blocks from the Inn to the beach and relax in the sand.

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