Take Lessons at the Coronado Surfing Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Make your dreams a reality when you take the time to learn at the Coronado Surfing Academy! These lessons will give you a lifelong hobby and a deeper love of the sport.

What is the Coronado Surfing Academy?

The academy began in 2004 and is dedicated to teaching students of all abilities, aged 6 and up, how to surf. However, their #1 priority is providing a safe experience to all students. To make sure everyone is as safe as possible, all Coronado Surfing Academy instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.

The instructors’ professional knowledge, commitment to safety, and CSA’s incredible customer service are all what helps make this an incredible way to learn.

What lessons do they offer?

Coronado Surfing Academy offers 90-minute surf lessons for groups of 1 – 6+ people.

Every lesson includes professional instruction, a full body wetsuit, and a surfboard.

Each lesson is 90 minutes with at least 60 minutes in the water.

The prices range from $90 for one surfer, to $50 per person for groups of 6+.

Lessons are offered 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday.

Do I need a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended! Groups fill up fast, but same-day lessons may be available.

You can book a reservation online through their website, or call or text 619-293-3883 to book a same day lesson.

Can I rent equipment?

Yes! Coronado Surfing Academy offers surfboard, bodyboard, and wetsuit rentals. You can choose to rent hourly, half day, full day, or weekly and delivery to you is available.

Prices vary based on rental time.

Visit the Coronado Surfing Academy and learn to surf in a fun, safe environment! Embrace Coronado’s beautiful beaches and learn a new sport. After a long day, relax at Crown City Inn and enjoy our amenities.

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