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The San Diego Zoo has been open for over 100 years and is globally famous. The exhibits, commitments to conservation, and many animal ambassadors have made this Zoo a must-see for California visitors and locals alike! Wander through the Zoo and see all the animals, watch shows, take tours, and more when you visit. It’s easy to spend a day soaking up all the amazing experiences the zoo has to offer. And since it’s only 15 minutes from Crown City Inn, it is a perfect day trip!

About the Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is committed to global conservation of various species. The Zoo helps connect visitors with wildlife and inspire a passion for nature. By inspiring this passion and connection, the Zoo believes that people will gain a desire to protect and save species.

The Zoo (and associated San Diego Safari park) is a protected haven for breeding and caring for endangered species. This helps prevent extinction for these species. They also provide opportunities for studying animal behavior and health. By studying these, zookeepers and scientists can learn how to help wild animals too.


Besides all the incredible animals, the San Diego Zoo also offers many behind-the-scenes experiences so you can see the zoo up close.

Spend an early morning with pandas on a two-hour group tour. Take a tour around the zoo on a shuttle cart and visit some other animals up close as well. You’ll be able to see the pandas enjoy their breakfast before the zoo opens to the public.

Animals in Action is an interactive experience with animals. See exotic cats climb and jump, feed flamingos, and more! You’ll want to take plenty of pictures and video during this up-close view. You’ll even be able to go behind the scenes and feed, touch, and help train some of the animal ambassadors. Hear amazing stories about the animals and find out how the Zoo is making conservation efforts around the world.

There are many other shows, tours, experiences, and more to discover when you visit the Zoo!


One Day Pass

Adult (aged 12+): $56

Child (aged 3-11): $46

Annual Pass

Adult (18+): $112

2 adults same household: $174

Child: $56

More admission options are available on the website here.


Zoo hours vary by time of the year. They are currently open 9:00am – 5:00pm, but you can check their website for more details.

The San Diego Zoo is open 365 days a year.

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo? What was your favorite animal? Let us know!

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