Visit LEGOLAND California!

Did you know that LEGOLAND California is located just a short distance from Crown City Inn in Coronado? On your next trip to Coronado, visit LEGOLAND and make some incredible memories with your family!

Where is LEGOLAND California?

LEGOLAND California is at one LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008

From Crown City Inn, this is just under a one-hour drive.

What can I do at LEGOLAND?

When you’re at LEGOLAND California, you can see some of the many shows, visit Miniland USA, see 4D shows, and ride rides! There are fun activities for the whole family when you visit this California theme park! Now, in addition to the theme park, you can also visit the LEGOLAND Water Park and the SEA LIFE Aquarium for even more fun.

The shows

When you visit LEGOLAND, you can see fun and energetic live shows and meet your favorite characters. Some of these shows and character meets include:

  • Birthday Dance Party
  • LEGO Friends: Better Together
  • SEA LIFE Aquarium shows and animal feeding times
  • Meet a character from NINJAGO
  • Meet characters from other movies, including The LEGO Movie

4D movies

Experience exciting movies in all dimensions when you stop in to view one of these 4D movies.

  • LEGO City 4D – Officer in Pursuit
  • LEGO NINJAGO – Master of the 4th Dimension
  • The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure

Miniland USA

See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Central Park in New York, Washington D.C., and more all without leaving southern California! You can also travel to a galaxy far, far away and see a scene from each Star Wars movie. This area of miniature figures and landscapes lets you explore around the world and beyond. And, it’s a fun way to learn more about the featured scenes!


The rides at LEGOLAND vary from a boat ride through some of your favorite fairytale scenes to a thrilling coaster where you can choose your own level of intensity. Experience whichever rides and attractions fit your family. One thing is for sure: you’ll have a blast since every ride is designed with fun in mind!

How much does LEGOLAND cost?

Prices can be found on their website here.

Have you been to LEGOLAND California?

Tell us what you thought! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with Coronado events. When you stay at Crown City Inn, you’ll be able to enjoy the comforts of your room and our amenities after your long day exploring LEGOLAND.

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