Coronado Bike Rentals: Ride around Town!

Coronado Island is full of wonderful places to explore and gorgeous views to see. One of the best ways to get around the island is by bike! But we know most vacationers don’t want to bring their own bike on vacation with them. So what do you do then? Rent a bike, of course! There are many options for Coronado bike rentals so you can get out and explore.

Holland’s Bycicles

Holland’s Bicycles is located at:

977 Orange Ave

Coronado, CA 92218

These bikes are located in the heart of downtown Coronado. If you want to explore the downtown area, these are great for you. Choose from traditional bikes, foldable bikes (want to explore San Diego? Just fold up this bike and get on the Ferry!), tandem bikes, and more. If you’re with a group, the tandem bikes can be a fun way for everyone to bike around downtown together!

Holland’s also has a location at the Ferry landing called Bikes and Beyond. You can find your choice of Coronado bike rentals here as well.

See their rates here.

Little Sam’s Island Rentals & Fun

Little Sam’s Island Rentals is located at:

1343 Orange Ave

Coronado, CA 92118

This shop is also in the heart of downtown Coronado. Aside from bikes, Little Sam’s also provides beach supplies!

And, if you have young kids, a day of walking around downtown Coronado can be exhausting for them. Stop by Little Sam’s to rent a stroller so your little one doesn’t have to walk all day.

You can call 619-435-4068 to learn more about their rates.

Bike and Kayak Tours

Coronado Bike and Kayak tours is located at:

1201 1st St.

Coronado, CA 92118

Look for an adventure? The Coronado Bike and Kayak Tours will guide you on that adventure! Explore downtown Coronado by bike or by sea for an incredible tour you’ll never forget. There are several tour options, and the age requirement varies by tour, so make sure to check before you book.

See their rates and the tours you can take here.

Free Coronado bike rentals

Free Coronado bike rentals at Crown City Inn

When you stay at Crown City Inn, you can get free bike rentals from us! The money you save from renting a bike can go towards getting a treat or souvenir from a shop you spot on your ride. Just stop by our front desk and ask to check out a bike–it’s that simple! Then you can be on your way to enjoying all Coronado has to offer.

Crown City Inn is located at:

520 Orange Ave.

Coronado, CA 92118

You can book a room here.

Will you be using one of these Coronado bike rentals on your next trip?

You can’t go wrong when you bike through Coronado. Feel the sea breeze when you bike near the ocean, and ride around downtown Coronado to explore the many shops and restaurants nearby. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest in Coronado, and check out these other fun Coronado activities during your stay.

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