Post Convention Blues: Adjusting after SDCC

You waited for this weekend all year: San Diego Comic Con. One of the biggest conventions in the world, and now it’s almost over. You’ve enjoyed the panels, the guests, being around people who get you, and of course all of the cool merch. In all fairness, you might have enjoyed the merch a little too much. But with SDCC coming to an end, you can feel the post convention blues setting in. So when you’re back at work dreaming of celebrity guests and cosplay, here are some tips to make the post convention blues a little easier to manage.

Keep looking forward

What’s a better way to deal with the disappointment of a convention coming to an end than by signing up for a new convention? Get through the post convention blues a little easier by knowing that in a few short months you’ll be back at it again at another con!

Some upcoming conventions include: Wizard World Comic Con Chicago, New York Comic Con, and PAX West. Or you can even start looking out for those San Diego Comic Con 2020 dates and badge sales!

Relax and take it easy

You’ve just been through four days of pure adrenaline. This adrenaline crash is actually what leads to the dreaded post convention blues. So when you’re dealing with readjusting to regular life, here’s our tip: don’t! Well, don’t force yourself to readjust right away. Give yourself a few days after the convention to relax and take it easy before getting back into the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

One of the best ways to relax is to take a vacation post-convention. You’re in San Diego! Enjoy it! Coronado Island is just a fifteen-minute drive from the convention center, but it’s a little haven unto itself. Take a few days to relax at Coronado’s award-winning beach and enjoy the calm island vibe. Lounge on the beach and reminisce about the con, stroll through town, and enjoy all of the incredible restaurants.

a way to solve the post convention blues: relaxing looking at San Diego
Looking out towards the San Diego skyline from Coronado Island

If you decide to take this beach town retreat before returning to reality, stay at Crown City Inn. This cozy inn is only a 5-minute drive from the beach, but you could also take the easy, 15-20 minute walk there. And, Crown City Inn offers complimentary breakfast and bike rentals if you’re feeling a little cash-strapped from all of the merch you bought. If you want to treat yourself a little, though, Crown City has an attached restaurant, Crown Bistro, which serves delicious food.

You can book a room here and see Crown Bistro’s menu here

Take care of yourself

The excitement of the convention might mean you didn’t have much time to sleep–or eat right–during the con. You might not feel the effects while you’re on the convention adrenaline high, but afterwards, it catches up with you. Make sure you get plenty of rest and eat balanced meals to counteract all of the snacks you ate while camping out in the exhibit hall. Get back into a routine and hang out with some friends! Just remember these post convention blues won’t last forever; you’ll be readjusted to normal life soon enough.

What are your biggest tips for beating the post convention blues?

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