Coronado Summer Fireworks Kayak Tours: Special Fireworks Viewing

Coronado Island is surrounded by fun water-based activities. So choosing how to experience the water can be difficult. You could go to the beach, visit the San Diego bay, go surfing, go kayaking, and more! But for a few select nights this summer, you’ll want to prioritize kayaking! This summer, you can take a Coronado summer fireworks kayak tour and see the spectacular fireworks from the water.

Coronado summer fireworks kayak tours

Picture this: you just kayaked around the San Diego bay and now you’re sitting in your kayak looking up at the sky as the fireworks burst into light above you. Sounds incredible, right? This could be your experience on the Coronado summer fireworks kayak tour.

To add to this nighttime experience, your boat, paddle, and life vest will be lit up while you kayak.

These special summer-only tours give you the chance to see the Embarcadero fireworks from this incredible perspective and for an experience you’ll never forget.

What are the tours like?

On these tours, you’ll first glide through the calm waters of the San Diego bay at night, stopping at many Coronado and San Diego landmarks. Places you’ll be able to see from the unique water perspective include:

  • Coronado Ferry Landing
  • Coronado Bridge
  • Glorietta Bay
  • Petco Park
  • USS Midway
  • and more!

After you paddle around the bay, you’ll be able to witness the colorful fireworks light up the San Diego skyline. After the fireworks, return to shore with the amazing memories of this kayak tour!


These tours take place on:

Friday, August 3

Friday, August 16

Saturday, August 17

Friday, August 30

Saturday, August 31

Sunday, Sept 1


These tours start at $49 per person

Who can go?

One of the best things about this tour is that there’s no previous experience necessary! If you want to embark on this adventure, you can!

You do need someone to share your kayak with, so bring a friend or significant other along for a fun adventure.

The Coronado summer fireworks kayak tours are suitable for ages 6 and up.

How to book a tour

You can book your Coronado kayak tour here.

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