Spooky San Diego Ghost Stories

Old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, CA. Rumored to be haunted and known for its San Diego ghost stories

Spooky season is upon us once more! And what better way to celebrate than with some chilling San Diego ghost stories? San Diego and Coronado are full of happy haunts you can explore this Halloween season. Read on to learn more–if you dare!

The Whaley House

As the legend goes, Jim Robinson was a thief and ne’er-do-well who arrived in San Diego in 1852 and started causing trouble. His trouble caught up to him, and Jim was sentenced to be hanged. Jim hanged in a vacant lot that served as the town’s hanging grounds. Years later, a man named Thomas Whaley purchased the land (it was cheap!) and built his house.

But even in death, Jim is up to no good. Residents and guests of the Whaley house have reported strange experiences: banging gavel sounds, piano music, furniture moving on its own, even seeing Jim himself. Now, the house is reported to be haunted with the ghosts of some members of the Whaley family too. But is it really? You’ll have to see if this San Diego ghost story is true for yourself!

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

Old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, CA.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone’s watching you, even when no one is there? Visitors to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse report experiencing this unpleasant sensation. While there are no distinct ghosts rumored to haunt the lighthouse, paranormal activity is common. Guests commonly experience “cold spots,” a random area where the temperature drops, which is said to indicate ghosts. They also report hearing heavy footsteps on the floors above them, but no one is there. Definitely a spooky experience!

Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado has its fair share of paranormal events. Although it is not technically a San Diego ghost story, Coronado is right across the bay and only 13 minutes away. Kate Morgan is the famous ghost who haunts this hotel. In 1892, she checked into the hotel and was planning on meeting someone. But days later, after no one showed, she took her own life.

Now, this 24-year-old going on 128 spends her time as a benevolent specter, occasionally appearing to guests. She’s also reportedly responsible for electrical malfunctions, items moving on their own, and scents and sounds that seemingly come from nowhere. If you’re exploring the hotel and experience something strange, it might be Kate saying “hi.”

San Diego Ghost Tours

If you want to experience these San Diego ghost stories in person, a ghost tour is your best bet! Take an Official Haunted San Diego walking tour or the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley tour. Embark on this journey as a guide tells the most famous San Diego ghost stories and you’ll feel a chill that’s not from the night air.

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