Explore the Point Loma Tide Pools

Looking for a Coronado water activity that isn’t the beach? The Point Loma tide pools are the perfect solution! These beautiful mini pools give you a glimpse into ocean life. Here’s what you need to know about exploring them.

Where are the Point Loma tide pools?

The tide pools are in Point Loma in San Diego, about a half hour drive from Coronado, at the Cabrillo National Monument. These are perfect for entertaining both children and adults as you peer into mini ocean ecosystems. They’re also a great opportunity for learning!

What can you find at the tide pools?

Little miniature ecosystems thrive in these tide pools! Here, you can find sea creatures such as barnacles, sea stars, sea urchins, and mussels, among others. You’ll also find plenty of seashells! The contents of these pools vary by day, so you’ll never see the same thing twice.

Tips for visiting

When you visit the Point Loma tide pools, wear comfy clothes! We also recommend wearing clothing you don’t mind getting wet since you’ll be getting up close to the tide. Also, containers and scraping tools are not allowed, so leave those at home for the day.

Remember the rules!

Always leave the tide pools with nothing more than you arrived with! Removing animals, shells, and even stones from the pools is forbidden. Because the tide pools are so fragile, removing any part of their ecosystem could disrupt them. So these pools are great for viewing, but please do not use them to add to your collections!

And while you’re there…

Visit the Point Loma Lighthouse and explore the Cabrillo National Monument! With so much history here, it’s worth taking some time to explore and learn more about it. And if you’re a fan of the supernatural, there are plenty of spooky stories about the lighthouse to send chills down your spine!

Relaxing after a day out


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