Visit the San Diego Zoo this Summer!

The San Diego Zoo is a perfect summer activity! Explore the zoo, see the animals, and have a wild day of fun. This summer, take a day to hop across the bay to visit the San Diego Zoo and experience a day at one of the world’s most famous zoos.

About the zoo

The San Diego Zoo is over 100 years old and famous around the world! If you’re in the area, this is a must-do experience for kids or adults. With a dedicated commitment to global conservation of endangered species, providing opportunities to study animal behavior and health, and creating a haven for animals, the San Diego Zoo is much more than just a place to see animals. By working so hard to protect and care for so many species, the zoo inspires visitors to do the same.

What you can do at the zoo

Of course, there are plenty of incredible animal exhibits and habitats for you to see. Explore the zoo at your own pace and see what it has to offer for all the guests. See a list of the zoo’s animals here. But if you want an experience beyond this, the San Diego Zoo offers some specialty experiences as well!

Crazy About Cats is a 90-minute tour that takes place before the park opens. During this tour, guests aged 5 and up can learn all about the iconic cats of all sizes who call the zoo their home. You might see jaguars, tigers, lions, leopards, and more! 

The Discovery Cart Tour is open to guests aged 5 and up and is an hour-long experience. This tour takes guests around the zoo in an expedition cart, while a guide shares stories about the plants and animals in care of the zoo, as well as how the zoo’s conservation work is making a worldwide impact. You’ll also be able to step off the cart to get a closer look at some favorite critters.

You can see more tours and experiences here.

Getting tickets

You can get tickets online here

Close to Coronado

One of our favorite things about the San Diego Zoo is how close it is to Coronado! Coronado has award-winning beaches, scenic sites, incredible food, and more! Plus, Coronado is only 15 minutes away from San Diego, so if you want to take a break from the sandy shores, hop across the bay and visit the San Diego Zoo! 

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