Del Mar Racing Season

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has been hosting horse races since the 1930s when Bing Crosby was saying hi to fans as the first gate opened. Nowadays, the Del Mar Fairgrounds welcomes tens of thousands of people each race day to enjoy where the “turf meets the surf.” Let’s go ahead and explore one of San Diego’s longest summer traditions!

History of Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

In 1936, William A. Quigley partnered with Bing Crosby and founded the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (DMTC). After the success of the Santa Anita Park, Quigley and Crosby wanted to bring the same atmosphere to the San Diego area. At the time, the only sport more popular than horse racing was baseball. Therefore, thousands of fans ended up going to the track. In 1938, there was a $25,000 (about $525,000 today) winner-take-all race between Seabiscuit and Ligaroti. And, in one of the most famous races in history, Seabiscuit won by a nose.

Modern Day DMTC

Throughout the years, DMTC has grown to be one of the premier destinations for horse races during the summer. As the fan demographic has changed, DMTC has evolved with it to keep everyone involved. With over 30 races per weekend and over $8 million in prizes given out this upcoming year, the true racing fan can enjoy the competition and the stakes. And for the fan who is not as dedicated, there are a lot of events taking place regularly. A hat competition, college day, and even the Taste of New Orleans are just a few of the events scheduled. In fact, there is even a family day, so you can bring out your little ones to the racetrack.

And They’re Off!

The 2022 Del Mar Racing Season takes place from July 22 – September 11 and November 11 – December 4. There are races all day Thursday – Sunday at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and events scattered throughout the area. Pony up and get your tickets here!

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