Add Natural Sunscreen to Your Plate

In the Golden State where a sun-kissed glow is inevitable, there’s one item you can’t afford to leave behind – sunscreen. But getting caught up in sand, surf, and seaside marvels makes it easy to forget to lather your skin. So, we’re suggesting a backup plan – we’re suggesting you add natural sunscreen to your meal.

As you bask in the warm rays, your feet tucked beneath the sand, snack on these foods to boost protection!


A few key ingredients in this small plate satiate your appetite and your skin health. The tomatoes provide your body with lycopene (a phytochemical which protects against sunburn) while the olive oil only stands to enhance its healing effects.


It’s delicious but, more importantly, it’s versatile. For the discerning diner, the ingredient can easily be disguised through smoothie, salad, or sandwich form! The avocado’s oils are rich in protein, which only help prevent the sun’s damaging effects. It goes without saying that this natural sunscreen is a fan favorite!


Pucker up, because the essential oils in citrus fruits are ensuring you kiss those sunburns goodbye! Okay, okay, not completely, but the vitamin C and limonene in this natural sunscreen promise you’re that much more guarded!

Here’s a thought, instead of coffee, wake up to some warm lemon water.


Fresh fish is, of course, in California’s wheelhouse. So, take advantage of seaside delights like Salmon. In fact, studies have shown that foods rich in Omega-3 may decrease the risk of squamous cell skin cancer. Now, that’s a true natural sunscreen!


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