Top 10 Beach Activities for Chilly Days

During the winter months, you’ll get some chilly days on the beach. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your time there! Our top 10 beach activities for chilly days will keep everyone entertained–regardless of age!

1. Make sandcastles

This classic beach activity doesn’t require any explanation–anyone who’s ever built a sand castle knows how much fun it is! You can keep it as simple or make your castle as elaborate as you want: the choice is yours! And if you’re on Coronado Beach, you can check out some of the impressive sand castle art that’s often on the beach.

2. Take pictures

When it comes to chilly beach day activities, testing out your photographer’s eye is a great way to pass the time! Try new angles and unique shots–and as a bonus, you’ll have the pictures to remind you of your day.

3. Have a picnic

Bring your meal to the beach! Take a picnic basket and enjoy dining with the best view of all–the ocean! Or, if you don’t want to create your own picnic basket, we can make one for you that’s customized to your interests. Details are on our website here.

4. Collect seashells

A timeless trend in the world of beach activities, collecting seashells is the perfect pastime. Choose a leisurely stroll along the beach to search out the prettiest shells or turn it into a competition to see who can find the most seashells in a set amount of time!

5. Pick up litter

While it might not be the first thing you think of when you imagine beach activities, it’s nice to spend some time doing what you can to keep the beach beautiful for all guests. If you see trash during your beach day, pick it up and dispose of it properly. The beach creatures will thank you!

6. Go exploring

Why not explore the beach while you’re there? Take a walk along the water and look for animal prints or simply soak up the beauty surrounding you. If you have younger family members with you, they might enjoy creating races or obstacle courses and competing to see who can finish them first.

7. Take surfing lessons

Yes, the water is colder this time of the year, but the surf is often better in the chillier months than the summer! This makes it an ideal time of the year to learn to surf. If surfing is something you’ve always wanted to learn, why not try it out?

8. Read a book

Bring your favorite book to the beach for some quality rest & relaxation! Take along a chair to sit in and listen to the sound of the waves crashing along the shore while you read.

9. Play games

If you’re spending a day on the beach and staying out of the water, why not bring the activities with you? Bring a deck of cards to play games, or even a board game to break out the fun!

10. Enjoy a prime spot on the beach all to yourselves

When the days are chillier, there aren’t as many people to take over the best spots on the beach. Stake out your favorite spot on a chilly day and enjoy the less crowded beach and all it has to offer!

Do you have favorite beach activities?

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