The Ultimate Guide to Coronado Beach

No trip to Coronado Island is complete without visiting the award-winning Coronado Beach. On your next trip to the Crown City, the beach will be there to welcome you to your Pacific paradise! Stay informed about all the beach has to offer with this guide.

What makes Coronado Beach so great?

Listed as the #1 attraction in Coronado on TripAdvisor and consistently ranking on the traveler-voted list of Best Beaches in the United States, it’s pretty indisputable that Coronado Beach is wonderful! The beautiful sand, dazzling views, and calming waves make this the ideal spot to enjoy the ocean.

The beach is open from 6 a.m. until sunset daily.

Food and drinks

Every beach’s rules regarding food and drinks are different. At Coronado Beach, feel free to bring beverages and refreshments for your visit, as long as you don’t bring alcohol or any glass containers. Take a picnic lunch or some snacks to nibble on throughout the day!

Water activities

Of course, you can swim at Coronado Beach. And you can surf and scuba dive, too! If you’re surfing, make sure you’re in the right area by following the flags to the surf zone. For scuba diving, always check with the lifeguards before taking the plunge.

Dog friendly?

Since Coronado is such a dog friendly city, it only makes sense that you’ll want to bring your canine companions along to the beach. Dogs are allowed at Coronado Beach, but they have to stay on-leash. If you’re looking for a leash-free dog friendly beach, you’ll want to head over to North Beach. Here, your pups can run free and play with others.


Because the beach is so popular, parking can be difficult to come by. It’s not unusual to see full parking lots by midmorning, so if you’re looking for that prime parking spot, arrive early! And if you’re not an early riser, you might have more luck finding a metered spot a few blocks away. Of course, you can always bike to the beach and avoid the parking dilemma altogether!


As with all beaches, you should take care to stay safe during your visit. Never swim alone and obey the flag warnings. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen to prevent sunburn as well.

When’s your next trip to Coronado Beach?

Use our beach guide to make the most of your next visit to Coronado Beach! And while you’re in town, stay at Crown City Inn, conveniently located on Orange Avenue and close to all there is to do on the Island. You can book a room with us here.

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