6 Best Fall Beach Reads for Spooky Season

These delightfully spooky and mysterious books are perfect for reading on the beach this fall! Dive into these 6 best fall beach reads and get lost in the suspense, mystery, and intrigue of these stories. Check out which books made our list and why!

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

The circus appears overnight, out of nowhere. And while guests are enchanted by the incredible performances, something far more sinister is happening behind the scenes. A bet and a fierce competition are underway, pitting two magicians against each other. But as they duel, using the circus as the stage, a love blossoms. What they don’t know is only one of them can remain standing. As the competition gets more intense, you’ll be on the edge of your seat guessing how it all ends. Suspenseful, magical, and mysterious, The Night Circus is the perfect addition to your fall beach reads list.

Nice Girls, Catherine Dang

Catherine Dang’s debut novel is a dark psychological thriller exploring girlhood rivalries and adult secrets. Mary and Olivia grew up together in their small town, but each went their separate ways–Mary to an Ivy League school, and Olivia becoming a social media star. But three years later, Mary is back in town. And when Olivia suddenly goes missing, the entire town becomes obsessed, including Mary. But when Mary starts to dig into her former friend’s disappearance, she discovers another missing girl whose disappearance has gone under the radar. Soon, Mary’s investigation is unraveling secrets of the town and the missing girls, and might just destroy everything.

A Slow Fire Burning, Paula Hawkins

This dark novel starts with a young man gruesomely murdered on a houseboat. And when the three women who know him are questioned, even deeper mysteries are unlocked. These three women each have their own reasons for resenting the young man, and a desire for revenge. But just how far will they go to get their revenge and find peace? How long will they be able to keep their secrets smoldering before they become flames? This thriller from the author of The Girl on the Train will keep you turning pages until you’re done. So add this to your pile of fall beach reads and prepare for a full day at the beach!

Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

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Angels, demons, a witch, and the Antichrist–this perfectly spooky cast of characters is more than meets the eye! When the apocalypse is set to arrive, the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale realize they don’t actually want to see the world end. Thanks to their unlikely friendship grown over the past several centuries, the two decide to team up to stop the apocalypse from happening. But now that someone has misplaced the Antichrist, things have gotten complicated! A dark comedy from the minds of Pratchett and Gaiman, Good Omens is the perfect fall beach book for readers looking for something spooky but not too spooky.

The Imposter, Anna Wharton

This spine-chilling, suspenseful novel is Anna Wharton’s debut, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Newspaper archivist Chloe has always been fascinated with other people’s lives. And when she finds a story about a little girl who disappeared twenty-five years ago, Chloe is instantly fascinated by the parents’ belief that their daughter will return. So when Chloe needs a new place to live and she discovers these parents are advertising for a lodger, she sees it as a sign–and an opportunity to investigate. But she soon realizes the parents aren’t exactly what they seem. Tumble into this story of secrets, deception, and obsession–and if things get too intense, take a quick break to watch the waves coming in at the beach.

Sisters, Michelle Frances

Sisters Abby and Ellie were never close as children, and now in their thirties they harbor deep-rooted resentment for each other. Abby is jealous of her sister’s looks and the fact that she was always their mother’s favorite. And Ellie is jealous of Abby’s perfect life and picturesque home on a sunny Italian island. So when Abby invites Ellie to visit, they decide now is the perfect time to put their past behind them and mend their relationship. But when their mother arrives, their newfound peace is shattered. Ellie soon suspects Abby and their mother are keeping a dangerous secret. And now, the sisters have only each other to rely on. Will they be able to trust each other, or will these secrets tear them even further apart?

Which fall beach reads are you most excited for?

Fall beach season is almost here, and preparing with plenty of fall beach reads will guarantee your time on the sand is entertaining. If you’re looking to relax on the coast this fall to soak up those perfect fall beach days, look no further than Coronado. You can book your stay here and learn about our amenities here.

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