Top 10 Beaches in America 2021: Did Coronado Make the List?

Each year, Dr. Beach releases his ranking of the top 10 beaches in the United States. Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, otherwise known as Dr. Beach, is a geoscientist and coastal ecologist who has taught courses on beaches at the University of Maryland. And now, ranks the Top 10 Best Beaches in America each year. Coronado Beach usually makes the list, showing that it is truly one of the best beaches you can visit. Forbes just released the Top 10 Beaches in America 2021 list, and we know if Coronado once again made the list!

What’s the criteria?

There are over 50 different elements to Dr. Beach’s ranking. In order to get on the list of the best beaches in America for 2021, the beach must rank highly on:

  • Safety
  • Sand quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wave quality
  • Water quality
  • Views
  • Noise
  • and more!

With over 50 different criteria, Dr. Beach clearly knows his stuff! You can see the full list of criteria here. He grades harshly, which proves the beaches that do make his list are true stand-outs.

Where did Coronado Beach rank?

As Californians, we were obviously invested in whether any of our beaches made the list. And coming in at #8 on the Top 10 Beaches in America was Coronado Beach! This year, it was the only beach from California to make the top 10–so if you’re planning on taking a California beach vacation, you’ll want to visit Coronado.

Why did Coronado Beach make the list? Dr. Beach credits the beautiful sand, Mediterranean climate, and great ship-watching. He also ranks Coronado so highly because of the summer surf. It’s warm and mild, perfect for playing in the waves or bringing out your board. If you’re looking for a summer getaway, it doesn’t get much better than Coronado Beach.

Don’t trust Dr. Beach? Trust the travelers

If you think the authority of Dr. Beach isn’t enough, trust the travelers of TripAdvisor. They also rank their favorite beaches each year, and TripAdvisor releases a Top 25 list to showcase the best of the best. TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Beaches of 2021 was also recently released, and Coronado Beach ranked at number 20–one of just four California beaches! And if you want even more proof of Coronado Beach’s beauty, it’s ranked the #1 activity in Coronado.

Coming to visit Coronado Beach?

We have plenty to do in Coronado, from shopping to dining to water activities and more! And, if you want to head over to San Diego, we’re just 15 minutes away from the city. Get the best of both worlds from your vacation–relaxing beach days and bustling sightseeing. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Coronado this summer!

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