Visit the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields

This spring, visit Coronado and take a day trip to see the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields. These uniquely beautiful flower fields are a must-see for visitors and locals alike! When you come to Coronado, make your way to Carlsbad and enjoy these beautiful flowers in bloom! Here’s all you need to know about these fields.

What are the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields?

While the flower fields don’t open until March 1st, it’s not too early to prepare! These fields are full of gorgeous flowers, just waiting for you to enjoy them. There are 50 acres dedicated to an especially beautiful variety of buttercup, while an additional 5 acres boast an incredible display of other specialty flowers. Plus, several of these fields overlook the ocean, so you’ll get a bonus beautiful view while you’re there! While you can’t drive your own vehicle through the flower fields, you can stroll through the fields at your own pace, or take the tractor tour at a minimal charge.

And aside from the flowers, you can also explore other flower displays, go blueberry picking, and find your way through a maze made from sweet peas. With so much to do here, you can easily fill an entire day with flowers.

When can you see these flowers?

The flower fields are in bloom from March – May, with several different flower varieties blooming throughout the season. The peak bloom is typically April, though this can change due to weather conditions.


And even though the fields won’t be open for a couple weeks, you can get your tickets now! Get them in advance online here.

Stay close

When you visit the Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields, stay nearby! Book your stay at Crown City Inn and enjoy all of our wonderful amenities during your stay. And after your trip to the flower fields, you can enjoy the award-winning Coronado Beach and all the wonderful nearby restaurants as well.

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