A Thanksgiving Feast that’s Just Beachy!

A traditional Thanksgiving feast typically includes turkey, stuffing and potatoes. But when you’re by the sea we suggest you change with the tides. This year, bring your family to Coronado and cook up a meal that’s just beachy!

Broiled Oysters with Butter

The key to this flavorful feast is to retain as much liquid as possible during the shucking process. With the oven set at 200, you’ll top off your coastal cuisine with a blend of herb-infused breadcrumbs and butter. Roast your oysters for only six minutes or broil on the top rack. Who knows, this dish may find its way back to the table for many holidays to come.

Lobster Bisque

What’s more appropriate for a seaside Thanksgiving than Lobster Bisque? It’s a delicious selection to start off your multi-course meal. Furthermore, it’s a starter that disappears quickly, and has guests returning for seconds. Just remember, save room for the turkey!

Lemon Souffles with Raspberry Sauce

When life gives you lemons…make these lemon souffles! A wonderful alternative to the traditional pumpkin and apple pies, it feels light, palatable, and positively mouthwatering. It’s an ideal finale to a wonderful family feast!

Lavender Gin Cocktail

Lavender is calming, and that’s exactly what one requires after a stuffing meal. So, sip on this blend of gin, club soda and lavender syrup beautifully garnished with a lemon wedge. Trust us, this will be a huge hit.

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