Why Coronado is The Crown City of California

Coronado is famously nicknamed “The Crown City” and it’s not just because we’re a crown jewel of California’s beach cities! Find out where this nickname came from and why people can’t get enough of Coronado.

It all started with an explorer…

In November of 1602, a Spanish explorer named Vizcaino first sighted four islands off the coast of California. He named them “Los Coronados,” which translates to “the crowned ones.” And when Coronado was founded in the 1800s, it was named after the islands! So with its name translating to “crowned one,” the nickname The Crown City was born!

But we don’t let the name get to our heads!

Kick back and relax on Coronado Beach!

Our city name might translate to a royal moniker, but we don’t let it get to our heads! Coronado is a wonderfully laidback city, where we focus on the beach culture and our friendliness speaks for itself. Coronado Beach is world-renown for its beauty. So stop by the Crown City and unwind for a bit!

Plus, we have so many other activities for you to enjoy, from dining to shopping to water-related fun. And San Diego is only a 15-minute drive away, opening up your dining and shopping options even more!

Learn more about the Crown City’s history!

Coronado has many stories to tell! You can learn more about the island’s history here. And if you’re more of an active learner, the Coronado Culinary and History Walking Tour is an excellent way to learn more about our history while dining on some of Coronado’s best food.

Stay at a true Crown City Inn

When you’re staying in the Crown City, you should stay somewhere that honors the city’s history–while providing you all the modern hotel comforts you crave. Crown City Inn is the perfect place to rest your head during your trip to Coronado. And you can try the attached restaurant, Crown Bistro, for delicious eats during your stay.

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